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Sage leaders have great capacities to accomplish great things if we keep our hearts open. We must learn to value ourselves with deeper respect and honor, and not allow any limiting paradigm of aging to hold us back and become challenges in our lives. We must not let go of our personal truth; we must stand firm on our own principles, and trust our inner knowing. Living from the center of our own unique wisdom in whatever ways we can envision and thereby contribute to humanities greater good, is what is truly meant by Wisdom and the Power of Aging!~            
M Loy Every

Dear Visitors,

We welcome your comments, questions, inquiries, and opportunities to assist you in furthering the ministry of re-envisioning aging. Our programs can be individually designed for individuals, groups, and organizations. Consulting is always available to discuss creative possibilities and programs:

     "When we consider developmental intelligence in the second half of life, we are talking about the degree to which we as women and men have developed our unique emotional,  intellectual, psychological, relational, social and spiritual capacities."                                                                                                                                                                                ~M Loy Every
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Affirmative Aging Guidance
Aging with Purpose, Passion and Meaningful Fulfillment
Awakening the Sage Within
Creating a Life of Vibrant Aging
Graceful Transitions
Life Visioning for the
Second Half of Life
Living Our Sagessence
Sage Leadership Training
Seven Gems of Wisdom Intelligence
Spiritual Practice of Sacred Poetry
Wisdom and the Power of Aging