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Promoting Vibrant Aging with
Passion, Purpose and 
Meaningful Fulfillment

Creating Affirmative Transformation 
of Personal and Cultural Views
of Aging 

Identify ... wisdom in each phase of your life.
Imagine ... personal fulfillment that contributes
to the well-being of future generations.

Live Your "Sagessence!"
        Our culture idealizes youth and early life, yet consider that there are 630 million women specifically over the age of 50 on planet earth today. As women who are daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts, wives, teachers, business women, caregivers, and leaders, women have wisdom and valuable, diverse life experiences to offer. As women consider the incredible potential to consciously live "wisdom-in-action," of course the possibilities are even more so considering the male population over the age of 50.   
    You are urged to challenge society's view of older people. You are encouraged to honor this amazing time of life, claim your unique wisdom, and re-envision your future. You are inspirited to live your life with passion, purpose and creative intention, fully with tranformative "Sagessence." 
Awaken the Sage

       We are called to identify and own our inner wisdom, and embrace our lives as truly extraordinary, unique, and valuable.
     We are called to re-envision our lives as sage leaders in the second half of life: imparting wise mentoring spirits, being living examples of personal authenticity, and making conscious, compassionate, vital life-affirming choices.
      We are called to celebrate our unique journey, honor who we are, how far we have come, and where we are going next!

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Sagessence, LLC 
Port Orchard, WA 98367

"Your essence is your gem...and your wealth."
   Marilyn Loy Every is visionary and founder of Sagessence, LLC, a company dedicated to providing programs to inspire, guide and prepare women and men to in live with passion, purpose and fullfillment in the second half of their lives. She holds a Doctorate of Ministry in Wisdom Studies with a focus on aging, a M.A. in Counseling Psychology, and a M.S. in Audiology. Marilyn is a certified Spiritual Director, and a Sage-ing International Certified Sage-ing Leader. Dr. Loy Every specializes in aging issues, sage leadership training, affirmative aging guidance, life visioning and spiritual companioning. 

 Re-Envision the Second Half of Life
Fire in the Well--Poetry 
for Women Awakening the Inner Sage

Tending the Fire--Poetry 
for the Emerging Sage

(See more under "Poetry")

This powerful and passionate book ignites the conscience of an era!
Jean Houston, PhD

Marilyn is truly a visionary, opening the door to a new era of conscious aging with her graceful, courageous writing.
Joan Boryseno, PhD

Marilyn offers a wise, integrated holistic vision that will open your eyes to your beauty and infuse your heart with hope.
Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress